2015 Strollathon Total Raised: $754,363.62
(includes all sites and locations)

2015 Strollathons

Join us for the 2015 Strollathon season! This is the 13th year for Rettsyndrome.org’s signature fundraising program and we are celebrating with you in more than 30 locations around the country. Find your location below, then follow the link to register and begin fundraising today. Need help with registration? Check out these Personal Page Tips to get started.

Our local volunteer Chairs are always happy to add additional volunteers to the committee, sharing new perspectives, contacts and energy. If you’ve participated in a Strollathon in the past and want to share your time and talents, or if you are looking for a new way to get involved with Rettsyndrome.org, contact your location Strollathon Chair or contact Rettsyndrome.org at (800) 818-7388 or events@rettsyndrome.org.

Do you want to bring a Strollathon to your area? Rettsyndrome.org provides a large number of resources and coordinates a number of projects related to the event. A Strollathon is one of the easier events to plan based on the existing structure for success and lower costs to implement. An ideal new location has a motivated volunteer Chair with a strong supporting cast and who is connected with other families in the area, a number of Rett families within driving distance, and relationships (direct or through family and friends) with businesses in the community. Contact Rettsyndrome.org to learn more about the available resources and to further discuss the potential of a Strollathon in your community.

California - NorCal - 9/20/15 National Capital - 10/18/15
California - SoCal - 10/24/15 Nebraska - 9/19/15
Cape Cod - Virtual Strollathon Nevada - Reno - 9/19/15
Chicagoland - 5/17/15 New Jersey - 10/4/15
Cincinnati Tristate - 9/19/15 North Carolina - Charlotte - 10/3/15 (New location)
Connecticut - 9/26/15 North Carolina - Raleigh - 9/26/15
Delaware - 6/20/15 Pennsylvania - 9/5/15
Florida - Central Florida - 10/3/15 Portland - 10/10/15
Florida - Coconut Creek - 10/31/15 St. Louis - 5/2/15
Maine - 9/26/15 Texas - Grapevine - 10/25/15
Michigan - Farmington - 5/17/15 Texas - San Antonio - 10/3/15
Michigan - Grand Rapids - 9/13/15 Texas - Southern Texas - 8/15/15
Minnesota - 10/11/15 Texas - The Woodlands - 10/31/15



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