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The Strollathon is's signature event. This fun-filled family event, led by local volunteers, raises crucial research dollars and public awareness of Rett syndrome (RTT). Since 2004, volunteers and families have helped raise over $6.8 million, and have grown the Strollathon program from four events to over 20 events annually. The day brings together the children and women living with Rett syndrome, their families, and the community.

To learn more about the Strollathon program, please contact us at (800) 818-7388 or

Total Donations: $18,142.54

Portland Strollathon
September 27, 2014

Rose Quarter
One Center Court
Portland, OR

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Please join us on September 27, 2014 
for our 9th Annual Portland Strollathon!

You have helped us raise over $250,000 at this event and we look forward to adding to that total this year!


2:00PM Onsite registration and check in; turn in additional offline donations; food and activities
2:45PM Team and Group Pictures
3:00PM Stroll
3:00PM Refreshments/Raffle Prizes
4:00PM Event Conclusion


Please bookmark this page and visit often to see updates to Stroll day activities and entertainment, as well as upcoming wrap around events. You can also access your Personal HQ at any time to send emails to potential team members and donors, as well as track donations and send thank yous.

If you, or someone you know, would like to volunteer for the Strollathon committee or on Stroll day, or if you want any more information about the event, please email the Portland Strollathon Chair, Joey Razzano or call 503-998-5096.


The Rose Quarter has freeway exits going both North and South on the I-5 near the I-84 interchange. It can also be accessed by all colors of the MAX line and the Portland Streetcar. We will be located on the North side of the property in between the Memorial Coliseum and the Rose Garden. Parking passes can be pre-arranged by contacting Joey Razzano ahead of time.

Offline Donations

Offline donations can be mailed directly to Please include the name of the fundraising participant and Strollathon location in the memo field. Allow up to 3 business weeks for donations to be entered onto your personal fundraising page.

Donations can be mailed to: - Attn: Strollathon
P.O. Box 706143, Cincinnati, OH 45270-6143


National* Raise $100+ (individual) Official Strollathon t-shirt
  Raise $500+ (individual) Official Strollathon t-shirt plus hat

*National incentives are based on individual fundraising totals. Families or teams fundraising under one name only will be eligible for one incentive only. All participants are encouraged to fundraise under their own name and their donation total will roll up to the team total.

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